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Early Career Pharmaceutical Group

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Are you interested in connecting with early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from around the world who are also seeking new networks, professional innovation, friendship and support? If so, then FIP’s Early Career Pharmaceutical Group (ECPG) [formerly known as the Young Pharmacists’ Group (YPG)] is for you! When you become an individual member of FIP, you can become a ECPG member for free if you have graduated within the last 8 years from your first degree in pharmacy or the pharmaceutical science (irrespective of bachelors, masters, PhD, or PharmD degree conferral). Joining FIP ECPG will connect you with early career colleagues in over 100 countries! Want to learn more about the benefits of joining FIP? Click here.

ECPG objectives and mission

FIP for early career pharmacists, pharmacy educators, and pharmaceutical scientists.

The ECPG is a network of motivated early career professionals within FIP. The group was officially established in 2001, but early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists have been a part of FIP for many years. Our objectives are to facilitate connections and networking so that new ideas can be shared, and to open doors to information and new possibilities.

The mission of ECPG is to promote the goals of FIP by encouraging the early career members of the federation to participate in FIP projects and activities. In so doing, ECPG aims to develop individuals who can act as agents of positive change at local, national, and international levels, both in the profession and in society. ECPG’s goal is to connect our members and foster leadership within FIP’s sections that focus on pharmacy practice, the special interest groups that focus on pharmaceutical sciences, and within FIPEd that focuses on pharmacy education. Many of our ECPG members are already active in FIP’s Boards, committees, and leadership roles.

We also aim to support early career pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from around the globe who have limited resources either for professional organisation involvement or for their own research (see our “Grants & opportunities” page). In addition, ECPG also gives its members' career development support. 

Strategic plan


Operating guidelines 

How we work

The ECPG holds an annual general assembly, at which the strategy and budget for the year ahead is approved. Anyone can attend the meeting, but only ECPG members with at least 90 consecutive days of FIP ECPG membership are eligible to propose a motion or vote. Members must have 6 months of membership to stand for election to the steering committee.

The ECPG Steering Committee consists of the (1) President, (2) President-Elect, (3) Secretary, (4) Chairperson of Projects, (5) Chairperson of Public Relations, and (6) Chairperson of Liaisons. The functions of the steering committee are to:

  • Maintain internal communication between and provide support to the ECPG members of FIP
  • Coordinate the planning of the activities for ECPG members during the annual FIP congress
  • Appoint coordinators, liaisons and other subcommittees as deemed appropriate
  • Manage the financial responsibilities as defined in the current documents
  • Attend FIP congresses and events where possible
Our current steering committee is:
  • Emanuella Nzeribe, Nigeria, President-Elect 2024 and current Acting President (Bio)
  • Jenae Roberts, USA, Secretary 2024 (Bio)
  • Allie Jo Shipman, USA, Chairperson of Projects 2024 (Bio)
  • Sherilyn Wong, Australia, Chairperson of Public Relations 2024 (Bio)
  • Gonzalo Miguel Adsuar Meseguer, Spain , Chairperson of Liaisons 2024 (Bio)

Get involved!

Any early career professional who is a member of the ECPG can run for election. Candidates do not need to be present during the election in the general assembly meeting but are highly encouraged to attend. Being actively involved in the leadership of ECPG is an unforgettable and rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to work with new friends from around the world and get gain a unique insight into the world of FIP and international pharmacy.

Subcommittee members must be willing to dedicate at least a few hours each week to ECPG. Most of our work is done online, so you will need access to the internet. The steering committee meets twice during the year, once in the first or second quarter of the year (normally at FIP headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands) and once in September (at the location of the FIP Congress). Details on how to apply for the ECPG Steering Committee are emailed to members in advance of the election.

If you would like to find out more about ECPG, follow us and our activities on social media, look for news and updates here, or send us an email at


Last update 30 January 2024

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