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FIP Education Transformation Toolkit

Introduction to the toolkit

The education transformation digital toolkit is a one-stop collection of globally relevant resources from FIP for professional associations, schools and educators to support addressing needs and priorities in education and professional development.

In October 2021, FIP brought together members across the six WHO regions to co-create roadmaps to support the advancement of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education. The roadmaps have provided a systematic, concerted and evidenced-based framework for FIP members to advance pharmaceutical education, and support collaboration between FIP members and key pharmaceutical stakeholders in co-creating strategies and solutions for their region leading to the global call to action for advancing pharmaceutical education. This toolkit provides resources that will support education transformation aligned with this global call to action for advancing pharmaceutical education.

Although the scope of this toolkit covers only FIP publications and digital events recordings, there are other resources across FIP including the FIP Pharmacy education journal. Furthermore, this toolkit will be a work in progress, and new resources will be mapped and updated regularly. We invite you to use this toolkit to identify resources useful for your education needs and you can contact to suggest resources for this toolkit.

Resources to support educational transformation aligned with FIP’s global call to action on pharmaceutical education

Last update 8 December 2022

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