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Donate to the FIP Foundation

The FIP Foundation for Education and Research is a not for profit organization. Therefore, all of their programs and events depend on individual donations to be continued.  With the support the Foundation has received, the profession of pharmacy has benefited through the Foundation’s research projects, professional advancement opportunities, publications, grants and awards.  Your donation will help the Foundation continue to create and develop programs that advance the pharmacy profession.

Donate now! and help FIP Foundation create and develop more programs that advance the pharmacy profession.

FIP Foundation

FIP foundation's objective is to promote the educational and research ventures of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists and expand the role of the pharmacist in charitable projects towards better global health.
These grants may be in the form of fellowships or travel scholarships to support practice innovation, research and development or partnerships with one or multiple organisations, or corporate foundations.
The development and support of these projects have been the principal works of the Foundation since its inception.
Last update 22 March 2022

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