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Industrial Pharmacy Section

About us and our objectives

Founded in 1955, FIP’s Industrial Pharmacy Section (IPS) has expanded to a worldwide industrial pharmacy network. It embraces all functions where industrial pharmacists are employed.


  • A world with favourable conditions for the development of innovative, safe, effective, high quality and affordable medicines and health technologies. Ensure patient access to products and services provided by industrial pharmacists/pharmaceutical scientists, in collaboration with other pharmacists as well as other healthcare professionals.


  • To continuously embody innovation, advancement, competence and intelligence in the industrial pharmacy sector to represent and serve the pharmaceutical profession and pharmaceutical sciences within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Members of the section benefit from:

  • International journal Industrial Pharmacy (quarterly)
  • Quarterly IPS Newsletter including information on early activities of the IPS. Upcoming events organized by IPS along with some trending information on development and manufacturing, QC/QA and the regulation of pharmaceuticals
  • Reduced rates at FIP symposia and training events
  • Global networking opportunities at the annual FIP congress and IPS workshops year-round, providing access to colleagues with technical, quality and regulatory expertise
  • Discussion forums on current industrial topics
  • Global Network aiming to provide, exchange and create scientific and technical information/guidelines that contributes for the development of Industry Pharmacists/Pharmaceutical Scientists worldwide.
  • Student internships

We invite any pharmacists and scientists working in any area of the pharmaceutical industry or with the regulatory authorities to join us. Enhance and strengthen your professional life and contribute to the international community of industrial pharmacists: click here.

How we work

The current Statutes of the Industrial Pharmacy Section were adopted by the FIP Council in 2021.

The executive committee members are as follow:


Mr Sola Solarin (Nigeria)

Vice President

Mr Didier Mouliom Ngambe (Cameroon)


Ms Tammy Chetty (South Africa)


Mr Igor Linhares de Castro (Brazil)

Contact us at

ExCo members:

Ms Filipa Ferreira (Portugal)

Ms Forum Gandhi (India)

Mr Kaushik Desai (India)

Mr Mathew Cherian (USA) 


ExCo associates:

Ms Avanthi Govender Bester (South Africa)

Ms Bouchra Meddah (Morocco)

Mr Chima Amadi (Nigeria and UK)

Ms Ching-Yi Hsu (China Taiwan)

Mr Gerard Lee See (Philippines)

Mr Ibrahim El-Bagory (Saudi Arabia)

Ms Maria Mantziri (Greece)

Ms Sini Eskola (Belgium)

Ms Tolu Taiwo (United States)

Mr Yahya Choonara (South Africa)

Immediate Past President:

Mr Ulf Janzon (Sweden)

Former Presidents:

Mr Michael Anisfeld (USA)
Dr Linda Hakes (Germany)

Follow us on social media:   

IPS Activities


The IPS runs webinars throughout the year.

Join IPS for instant access to all past webinars.

At the FIP congress

Topics organized by the IPS for recent FIP congresses (2014-2022) include:

  • Are intellectual property rights justifiable in public health emergencies? (session)
  • Industrial insights (full-day event)
  • Biological drugs and gene therapy – Hot topics on regulation and policies affecting use (session)
  • Breakthroughs in pharmaceutical nanotechnology for oral delivery of anticancer drugs (session)
  • Research: From marketing authorization to patient use and beyond (session)
  • Cell-based gene therapy – promise and challenges (session)
  • Superdrugs for superbugs: Antibiotics of the future (session)
  • Biosimilars for all: Research, regulation and responsible use (session)
  • Individualized medicines: An ethical approach (session)
  • Gene-based therapy (session)
  • Supporting patients with chronic diseases (session)
  • Counterfeit medicines: Safeguarding the supply chain, protecting people (session)
  • Antimicrobial stewardship – Looking for global solutions (session)
  • Shortages: The International Toronto Summit and beyond? (session)
  • Novel regulatory approaches to accelerate access to medicines
  • Can pharmacists contribute to improving patient adherence as part of pharmacovigilance?
  • Improving outcomes through novel technologies – Let’s innovate together!
  • Biosimilars: Understanding the issues
  • Student careers
  • Industrial insights — potential careers in industrial pharmacy
  • Good manufacturing practice seminar
  • Compounding – A core competence for the pharmacist
  • Medicines for all - Impediments to achieving the goal
  • Transparency and social media - Empowering the pharmacist
  • Lost in translation - Preserving scientific knowledge across languages
  • Do patents limit access to new medicines?
  • Is there a need to harmonise the training of industrial pharmacists?
  • Insights into biosimilars and non-biological complex drugs
  • Improving the quality of the information pharmacist provided to patients.
  • Age-related medicines
  • From development to marketing
FIP members have access to these presentations online. 

Other events

  • Symposium on New Frontiers in Manufacturing Technology, Regulatory Sciences and Pharmaceutical Quality System (SINDUSFARMA / ANVISA / FIP-IPS), held annually in Brazil in June each year. 

 Industrial Pharmacy journal



Published quarterly in association with
Euromed Communications, this journal
is produced for pharmaceutical scientists
and executives working in or liaising
with industry. 

Annual report

The IPS annual report is available here.

Last update 7 June 2024

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