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FIP in China

FIP is active in China supported by the FIP China Envoy Snr Col. Chen Zheng-Yu and through FIP’s membership organisation the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

Snr Col Chen works with the GuangDong Pharmaceutical Association, including on the development of Chinese pharmaceutical expert consensus statements, which are shared below.

Consensus statements on surgical pharmacy

In China, like in other countries of the world, pharmacy services are being transformed to meet clinical needs. At the end of 2015, the GuangDong Pharmaceutical Association (GDPA) in China proposed the concept of a “surgical pharmacist”. In September 2018, the GDPA appealed for the creation of surgical pharmacist positions in hospitals and defined their responsibilities as taking care of the whole process of medication management during the perioperative period and beyond. This involves focusing on perioperative medicines, such as anti-infection, anti-thrombosis and analgesia medicines, as well as on clinical nutrition, blood glucose, blood pressure, liquids management, the treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting, the use of glucocorticoids, controlled drugs management, medicines reconciliation and deprescribing. A further responsibility is the management of drugs prone to be used irrationally, such as proton pump inhibitors, as well as medicines used beyond the perioperative period but related to the procedures, such as immunosuppressants for transplantation patients. The following consensus statements are availalble:

In an article for the IPJ in January 2023, Zheng Zhi-hua, vice president and general secretary of GuangDong Pharmaceutical Association, China, and Chen Zheng-yu, FIP China envoy, describe the development of surgical pharmacy as a new specialty whose practitioners can act as a bridge between surgeons and physicians. Read the article here.

Other consensus statements

Last update 18 July 2024

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