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FIP Library

FIP makes it a priority to publish the latest developments in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences, related global news and prominent events. Our multi-media approach to keeping members, partners and peers informed of what is and will be affecting their area of practice or science is key to keeping information flowing through the FIP network.

One of FIP’s most important tasks is to set global pharmacy standards through policy statements and professional/scientific guidelines. The types of document that FIP issues include: 

  • Statement of policy This sets out FIP’s current policy on a specific subject. Its existence indicates that the federation intends to pursue this policy with other relevant international organisations and expects its member organisations to promote the policy to national bodies, including governments
  • Statement of professional standards This sets out the standards that FIP expects pharmacists to observe in discharging their professional responsibilities in one or more areas of practice. The federation expects its member organisations to take steps, in the light of local circumstances, to ensure that the standards are achieved by practising pharmacists undertaking the professional activity concerned. FIP guidelines are more detailed versions of a statements of professional standards.

We also collaborate with other international organisations, including United Nations agencies, to produce joint statements or guidelines. Other types of document can be found in the FIP Rule of Procedure BU-E2.

The procedure of proposing, adopting or revising/updating FIP statements is described in the FIP Rule of Procedure BU-E1.

FIP’s official relationship status with the World Health Organization also entitles it to make statements at the World Health Assembly.

Policies/ Professional standards/ Guidance/ Statements

The FIP Global Pharmaceutical Observatory (GPO) is a worldwide data hub to inform the advocacy work of our members and partners.  

The FIP Atlas is a platform being developed to showcase our members’ needs and priorities (supported by the data from the GPO), allowing us to identify opportunities for developing pharmacy with, for and through our member organisations.  

Latest intelligence and data on the state of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science around the world.  


Last update 28 March 2022

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